I remember one night as I was having a conversation with my friend Bodgie.

I asked him how he was doing in his work. He started as an audio editor in an independent firm which is in the business of “narrowcasting.”


We were having a walk that time. I asked him about his work and he said he was improving. So I told him, “That was great!

Just persevere!” I blurted out.

Does it sound like a cliché? It was. And we continued chatting.

Bodgie has a “partner in crime” in the training. I have pictured them in my mind as two different persons but with just one body, one goal, and one spirit. I asked him about his partner but he quietly paused for a while, looked straight into my eyes and said, “He quit…

With such dismay and surprise, I still tried to comfort him. Bodgie said “I would double the amount of work I’m doing, my time and even to work overtime if I have to.

It was getting late so I volunteered to walk him to the highway and wait for his ride home. As we were about to reach the highway, I uttered the words “Just persevere” to sum up our conversation.  But he boldly said “Persevere, persevere! I want to prove something to the world…

Prove what?” I asked.

To prove that I can, and despite my condition, I will.

As I was staring at him walking, my heart was crushed. With shame and guilt I replied “Yes… if only a normal employee would hear the words that you’re saying right now, I’m sure he will be blessed.

I was. I tried to recall how many times I’ve worked in mediocre. That conversation was meant to spark my passion for work – to not “just persevere” but “PERSEVERE!”

It was his decision.  I don’t know about you. But for me, I’ve learned something important from him.

By the way, did I forget to mention his present condition?

He is disabled. He can hardly walk straight and sometimes he even stumbles. He mumbles like a child when he talks and he cannot control his bones and muscles at his will.

My friend Bodgie has a cerebral palsy.