One lie is enough to destroy the reputation and integrity of a person.

I was a victim of it. I was a coward liar. And at some points, we all are. But once a clean lie has been blurted out without any second thoughts, consequences will follow as smooth as that act.

A person full of excuses is a coward. He does not stand for what he believes. He doesn’t have the strength to engage in the ring face to face. He only wants peace but in effect, he attracts destruction. He wants to live in harmony with everybody but he will eventually lose his identity once he compromises for what he believes in. He fails to remember that a man is shaped by his thoughts and beliefs.

Even if people will get hurt, even if people will not agree with you, even if they will hate you for what you believe in, the important thing is, you have took your stand. Do not be shaken. You don’t have to please them all. The Bible is clear: they have hated Jesus. If you think that by plainly giving excuses because you don’t want to take your stand, then you will be like them, you will belong to the world. No one’s going to see a distinction in you.

Truth hurts.