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If struggles and temptations are practically won over through discipline,

and if discipline is achieved through a strong willpower, then I’d better develop a strong sense of self-control, especially in small matters dealing with time management, procrastination, and management of duties and responsibilities.

To elaborate, for example, If I constantly spoil myself to enjoy several time-consuming activities instead of going to bed early at night, I undermine my effort to building strong discipline. And because of the lack of self-discipline, temptations will always knock me down; for there was no real foundation of personal strength to tap with.

Defeating temptation is a two-way work: God’s and man’s. The Lord provides a way out but I can only get out if I will to. The strength of my will shall be greatly determined by the level of my subjection to my Lord’s will and practically through the strength of my willpower.

It is a constant combat against the desiring flesh so I had better strengthen it through self-discipline. It is a inside battle.

I believe that self-discipline is likened to a tower built brick by brick. And every brick is an every effort invested in:

  • scrutinizing the thought life and bringing it into the subjection of our will (in accordance of course to God’s will),
  • happily surrendering then ignoring unmet desires and desiring something praiseworthy,
  • delaying instant gratification for the expectation of something better,
  • useful time and task management,
  • these can simply be demonstrated by little commitments like washing the dishes instead of postponing, going to bed early at night instead of sleeping late, breaking the habit of oversleeping and arriving early in the office, etc.

A master started as a learner; a reknowned architect started in simple beginner drawings; so shall the will and discipline of a man be strenghtened.

I see myself failing a lot. That’s why I’m praying and hoping to have a strong foundation of willpower. So that I can subdue my mind of its unproductive thoughts and make it follow my Master’s will.

Of course, I will only be enabled by grace.