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I am not inferior neither am I superior, right?

I am not inferior, just like nobody else is inferior. I have my sets of talents, skills, knowledge, and gifts that God has given me. These have been bestowed to be used for something great! A group or a person may be benefited by my knowledge, and they have something to share too so that we will all be encouraged and learn. And definitely none of my ideas are nonsense. It may help to share. I must only learn how to accept myself because God did not create a junk! So I must be OK! 🙂

I am not superior, because everyone deserves equal respect. I don’t know everything nor am I the best. If I have an attitude of superiority, I will become a professional fault finder. I will be lonely simply because I cannot make friends since everyone is beneath me. No one can get close to me to form a friendship. I see myself as perfect or that I want everything and everyone to be perfect. If they fail to achieve my superior expectations, I passively or actively condemn. I am not OK! I am not a god!

Inferiority and Superiority are twins. They come from one source, The Self. So it is very possible for both of them to coexist in one human body. They are born when the person begins to project someone that is not his true self. This projection comes as by-product of comparison with others. And worse they are both greedy of attention.

The projected self becomes inferior when it has been lagging towards knowing the true self. There is a mismatch as they don’t fit together. The true self has not yet been accepted by the person. The inferior is always on the go to condemn himself and to openly highlight his weaknesses, failures and inadequacies. He considers himself feeble or unimportant. The inferior reveals superiority whenever he has opportunities. His is false humility. He chooses to see the negative and dwell much on it. He must find a way to really get to know his true self, his sets of talents, abilities and gifts, and to truly appreciate it, be thankful for it and maximize it.

On the other hand, the projected self becomes superior when he only sees his “strengths” and exaggerate it. He does not want his weaknesses to be seen so he masks. He hides them under the guise of superiority and power where in fact, he is too afraid of the feelings of inferiority. He becomes an insecure, bitter and angry perfectionist. And just like the inferior, he does not accept his true self either – true self that has some sets of inadequacies.

“…it is a corrupted individual who is attracted to power. It is a feeling of inferiority, sometimes called a Napoleon Complex, that drives someone to control other people and to micro-manage their surroundings. Today we call such a person a Control Freak.” – Robert Wilson, PsychologyToday.

Go find your Self! And if you have found him, accept him and hug him tight. And don’t ever let him be far from you.” I believe in this: A free man does not see himself as inferior and/or superior. He will learn to appreciate and treasure himself and others. I believe that the true self has all the potentials that will greatly be used. He will learn a lot and grow fast. And he will make a significant change in people’s lives and the world.

The free man is accepted. He is neither an oppressed (inferior), nor an oppressor (superior).

Truth indeed has set him free! 🙂