Whenever I get out of the house to head to somewhere else, there’s always this nagging feeling that there are just too many people. Whether I bump at my fellow passengers on a bus or train, or just walk through the Ayala Avenue, or watch an event in a stadium, or just have a stroll in a mall or park, I can’t help but get overwhelmed. There are just…too many of us.


So I started to contemplate. As for this single life that exists on this planet, I have a preset conditions in my life: I have my own plans and dreams for the future, problems and struggles to face, relationships to nurture, finances to monitor, emotions to manage, works to perform to, thoughts that bother me, wounds and heartaches that I deal with and spiritual body to feed. There’s so much noise inside the mind of this singular being and they demand my effort, attention and time. What more if I multiply these pre-conditions by groups and races and time in history? At this moment, the world population is more than six billion and in numerical picture that is 6,000,000,000!

Imagine this: YOU x 6,000,000,000.
6 Billion Lives. All of them – unique.

Somehow you’d come to realize “Whoa that’s quite a number! I’m smaller than a dot of pen in a world map!” And here’s where the big questions arise: “Compared the sea of 6 billion faces, do I still see myself as significant? What then matters most? Does this life even count? What am I for? Am I just a speck of dust?” These real issues need to be dealt with.

People forget to ask this profound question in their lives:
What is really my purpose?

Instead of answering this question, they choose to lay it aside and think of it as one of the greatest mysteries in life. They fail to recognize that they are running out of time. Life is but a vapor. Here today, gone tomorrow. Adults look at their past as if it was only yesterday. Many regret about the mistakes they’ve committed and decisions they should’ve made. Others waste their lives pursuing about the things of this world. They satisfy their cravings and desires and so they seek some forms of heights either through thrilling relationships, games, movies, sex, alcohol, parties, beauty, travel, shopping, fraternity membership, acquiring latest gadgets, cars and technology, and anything that pertains to “You want it right now don’t you? Get it!” mentality. But these are just Spiritual Band-aids. Bono sang in one of U2’s songs, “I still haven’t found what I’m looking for.” Yes, they still haven’t. There is a deep hole in their hearts.

Thankfully though, we are not without hope. We need not to grope into the darkness because we have a Lamp unto our feet. We have the Manual of Life – the Scriptures. The Creator gave us His words so that His creation may know what they were made for. And through this we will know our true purpose:

“People were made to give glory to their Creator, nothing more, nothing less.”

He is not a selfish God, in fact, He is a mutual God. He wants His children to be the recipient of His Perfect Love and Blessing and then in return, His children will glorify Him in their lives. That is man’s eternal purpose. Imagine the Joy of constant Love and Peace. That would be heaven on earth! That is what we desperately need.

The Lord doesn’t care about religion. He wants to have that intimate relationship with you and with me. That’s why He chose to come down from His heavenly throne, to dwell with us and die for our sins. We can only have that kind of Father-child relationship when we acknowledge our sins, coming to Him in deep desperation, believing and allowing Jesus Christ to change us inwardly. And once that happens, there is that reborn and regeneration. Man’s pursuit for his purpose will come to an end. The Lord will welcome him/her to enjoy His Light.

Imagine everybody of us is a light bulb, all 6 billion of us.
If everybody is a receiver of His light, then there would be no night.
If every soul we meet along the streets knows his/her purpose, what a happy world would that be!