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All men love comfort… But not all men have the courage to break their comfort zones.

Jimbo…you’re right. Everything’s not peachy.

– Will Donner, an excerpt from the movie “Waiting For Forever” (2011):

Will’s right, everything’s not as easy as ABC. When I was a boy I thought I could live in my imagination. I would savor all the beautiful daydreams and keep them as part of my memory. I was in a habit of looking at a wonderful landscape and claiming that I was there. I remember once while my cousin and I were looking at a large poster of a beautiful wooden type house set in the middle of a garden of flowers and we tell each other “Hey, I was in the window when this shot was taken! There am I! Can you see?” And he responds, “Yeah, I was there too! My mom and I were cooking at the kitchen that time!


They simply love life. The world was theirs as playground. Life for them is full of peaches. No lemons, just pure lemonade. They are always amazed, always curious, always happy.

When was that kind of comfort stolen from their hearts?
When has life turned against them?
When has it become cruel and mysterious?

Looking back, I can only wish that those joyful moments were tracked down and recorded in a tape where I could bring them back with just a long press of a rewind button. But hey, no, I need to wake up. Time is a Thief. It steals away life’s precious moments and hides from a man the dream he chases.

The difference between a kid and an adult lies in the weight of the burden he carries. The world puts too much pressure on his shoulders while growing up. In short, it’s the word “responsibility” – to his Creator, family, community, workplace and friends. And when life takes its toll on these aspects by the wrong choices he has made, he can only look back and wonder what went wrong. He endlessly blames circumstances, his upbringing, problems, and other people except himself. He retrospects but forgets to introspect.

When he is hanging on a thread, he is left with only two choices: Comfort or Courage.
Comfort. It’s when he runs away from the trials and forgets everything behind. He just gives up, and finds comfort elsewhere. Cowardice is the shortcut to comfort. Later on, poverty will strike him down – both in soul and in wealth.
Courage. It’s when he takes the battles head on and presses toward the walls of peril. He just can’t give up! Although there’s comfort in the past, he knows that he needs to redeem it. Courage is the long walk to endurance and character. Later on in life, he will find himself blessed – both in soul and in wealth.

For the weak in heart, he chooses the former. That for him is success – giving up. But for the meek in heart, he chooses the latter. He humbly knows there’s hope.

This seems way too easy for me to say but it’s not, especially now that I’m also faced with these two choices. I know I can’t give up, but I am deeply longing for the comfort of the past. As the songwriter Chris Rice tell in his song “8th Grade“:

Why does the past always seem safer?
Maybe because at least we know me made it
And why do we worry about the future?
When every day will come just the way the Lord ordained it.

Yeah, maybe because we made it….
Maybe because we were living in a dream…
But life is not full of peaches and we are not kids anymore…
We have the choice to act like a cry baby reporting to mom or should I say “the past”.
Or make lemonades when life throws lemons..
The faculty is there, the choice.