Author’s Creed

I, BIEN ANGELO RELUCANO, acknowledge first and foremost that I am forgiven by God through the perfect sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the Cross. Nothing of my personal strength and deeds can save me from my sins. And through that perfect atonement, my salvation has been sealed by the Holy Spirit. It is eternal and nothing can take me away from the Love of Christ.

I believe that I have been called by God to do greater things for Him for His glory and as a form of service to other people. As a result, I will continue to grow and learn. I will not be proud of my state of being for I know that all people will be the same at the end of the day. I am not better than my brother. I will remember the goodness of them that loved me and I will treasure it. I recognize that this life, body and soul is a gift from God and that as I appreciate it, love and nurture it, the kind of authentic and lasting love for others will sure to blossom. I refuse to think ill of others and I will not be lonely for I will share my life with my friends and family.

I have my dreams and aspirations and I will pursue it. I will remind myself that its sole purpose is for the betterment of me and my loved ones’ lives. I recognize that the Lord gave me this enablement to achieve it and that by faith and action will I receive it. I will not speak more than I think. I will not think more than I act. I will guard my heart against negative, useless, destructive and condemnatory thoughts and I will not permit them to dwell on my mind. Mistakes and regrets are in the past, I will learn from them and I will fill my future days with hope and happiness.

As a human being, I honestly admit my frailty that I only live by grace alone. At times that I will fall, I will openly and humbly ask the Lord for His forgiveness, and I will stand up and will move on with a renewed mind. I am not perfect but I will try to focus my energy on the things that are praiseworthy, pure, noble and true. As a plant is ugly when it has only one leaf and is withering, so I will nourish this one life with the good things and will eventually bear fruits that will bless many and give glory to my Creator.

I will live with this creed. I will fight ‘til the end.


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